The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Force Particles (FPs)
By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

a) The Force Particles emit and mediate the transit of the Electric, Magnetic, and Gravitic fields.  

b) The DPs radiate FPs in a spherical radiation, emitting a new volley of FPs every Moment.  

c) The FPs generated each moment reflect the state of polarization and field change occurring during that Moment at that DP.  

d) The Force Particles (FPs) leave the originating DP and then interact with the DP volumes that they intercept on their straight-line radial path away from the DP source.  

e) At each increment of distance the FPs interact with DPs in their path.  

f) They affect all the DPs along the path, are absorbed by the final DP along the increment of distance traveled that moment, and are reemitted unaltered the next moment.  

g) The distance traveled (number of Grid Points) is determined by the local speed of light in that increment of space.

h) The total effect on a DP is determined by adding together the force vectors of all the FPs arriving at each moment.

i) DPs move in response to the summation of Forces acting on each DP at each moment, and each DP moves an increment of distance proportional to the total net force vector acting upon it at that moment.