The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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13) Force Particle Velocity:

a) Every DP has a de facto absolute velocity with relationship to the bulk velocity of the Dipole Sea.  The Matrix is the absolute reference frame for movement, and all movement has an absolute velocity compared to that frame of reference.

b) Every DP radiates out FPs spherically at every Moment.  The velocity of the DP has no effect on the radial velocity of the FPs; every FP travels radially at the absolute speed of light.  But, the velocity of the DP adds a component of velocity perpendicular to the radial velocity.  

i) A “changing E field” produces a magnetic field, and a changing magnetic field produces an E field.  These observed electromagnetic phenomena are mediated by the FPs.  

ii) The DP has an absolute axial velocity through space (i.e. the velocity in relationship to the Matrix/Absolute Frame).  The DP does not affect the FP’s radial speed of light.  But, the component of the DP’s absolute velocity is imparted to the FP that is perpendicular to its radial speed of light.  

iii) The absolute axial velocity of the DP does not translate to the forward and backward rays of the FPs, since those two rays always propagate outward at the local speed of light.  Thus, information about movement will be transmitted in the radial direction.