The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Matter is not inanimate.  It performs the repetitive, predictable, and mechanical function of the creation’s particulate substrate through lawful obedience to God’s rules implanted into the conscience and memory of each particle.  In addition to obeying the rules of processing and responding to particulate communication, the conscious particles respond to divine and satanic commands.  Therefore we can see a mechanism by which faith, fears, blessings, and curses have an influence on the creation.  We can see how it is possible for a nation to suffer when the people violate God’s behavioral laws.  The justice of God’s law demands a cause and effect response to disobedience.  This understanding that the conscious universe of particles can respond to God’s call for violation should cause us to realize how vulnerable we are to God’s justice.  We cannot escape it, we live inside of His world.