The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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The Field and Particle Interaction

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

The two major spiritual structures, Particles and Fields, interact in a dance to create the physical universe.  The particles emit an Electric and Magnetic field (variously referred to as the EM field, E&B field, or Electromagnetic field) at every moment.  The particle is the originating entity from which all fields emanate, and the particle is the object of action upon which fields operate.  The Field informs the rest of the universe about the particle’s position and velocity at the Moment of its emanation.  

The EM field is a spiritual entity created out of nothing by the “Word” (creative command) of the particle.  The Field emanates spherically from each particle, and travels outward in small increments of distance.  The Fundamental Unit of Time is the Moment, and the distance the Fields move in one Moment defines the Speed of Light.  During the transit phase, the Field influences all the particles within that increment of distance.  Every particle in the universe has been emitting since the beginning of time.  Thus, each particle will respond to the summation of the direction and magnitude of all the fields, from every particle in the universe.  The velocity of the local speed of light will determine the volume of space influenced by the Field during each Moment.  Fields of equal magnitude and opposite direction will cancel, resulting in no net force acting on a particle.  Likewise, a dipole (a positive and negative particle bound together in close proximity, such as an atom) will emit two fields of opposite polarity, and essentially equal magnitude.  The net field produced by the dipole on another charged particle will be zero at a sufficiently great distance from the dipole.  The fields passing by a particle during a Moment add together.  The particle responds to the vector sum of the magnitude and direction of all the fields passing each particle each moment.  Thus, all the particles in the universe proceed in their movement in a stepwise fashion dependent upon the presence of fields.  The particle perceives, computes, and then moves at the end of each moment.  The  concept of quantizing time into small segments corresponds well with the quantum phenomenon observed in many experiments conducted at the subatomic level.

In summary, the field informs and instructs the particles as to how they should respond with movement.  The Field is the particle-level analogy to the Word which God used to manifest and move the particles of the universe and shape the creation.  The Word was the mechanism by which God fashioned every plant and animal, and shaped the land, sea, and stars.  It is by the Word that God speaks miracles into existence.  The entire creation is subject to His command and moves according His Word and will.  God can intervene in the lives of humanity as well as in the movement and organization of the particle universe.  Thus, given the omnipotence and omnicience of God, do we as humans truly have free will?  Or are we simply following a predictable trajectory given the initial conditions and the mechanically predictable states of every particle in the universe.  Can man actually choose to do anything other than that which he has been trained by experience and instruction?