The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

A definition: Energy is a word used to reflect the fact that negative and positive DPs have been forced out of their absolute at-rest crystalline order and distance.  The distortion in rest-configuration may be due to any phenomenon that causes the reordering of DPs due to a differential of electromagnetic force passing through that space.   Examples of such ordering of DPs include:

  1. The organization of DPs to form a mass such as an electron, positron, proton, neutron, pion, muon, neutrino, quark, or gluon.
  2. The ordering of the DP Sea in response to the electric and magnetic force of EM waves whether radio, microwave, infrared, visible, UV, xray, or .
  3. The ordering of the DP Sea due to the presence of large amounts of mass, and the resultant gravitational field concentration.
  4. The ordering of the DPs around a moving object to hold the Kinetic E&B fields formed by moving charges.
  5. The ordering of the DP Sea in the region surrounding positive and negative charges in tension such as in a spring, compressed gas, or molecular bond.
  6. The ordering of the DP Sea due to the presence of high thermal energy, where the kinetic energy of the individual molecules is random rather than concentrated in a mass with a particular velocity.

Regardless of the reason for the ordering of the DP Sea, if there is a change in the order of the DPs away from the crystalline rest configuration, then that space has some form of energy stored in it.  

All the energy that ever existed, and will ever exist, was impressed upon space in the Beginning.  Whether it was through a Big Bang, or some other more distributed mechanism, the initial disturbance of the DP Sea was a distortion of the fabric of space that cannot be eliminated, other than by divine command.  That universe-sized quanta of energy/space-distortion, once created can never be destroyed; it can only be dispersed to a place of more uniformity.  This principle of the ultimate entropic dispersion of energy is enshrined in the fearsome second law of thermodynamics label we know as “universal heat-death”.