The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

Energy, at its fundamental level, is held by DPs in various organizational configurations.

i) Energy is held in any space where the concentration of DPs in that space is above or below the concentration found in the ground state of the resting Dipole Sea.  

(1) Energy can be concentrated in a space as an Electric field in a charged capacitor (i.e. two metal plates close together, with opposite charges on the opposing plates).

(2) Energy can be concentrated as a Magnetic field around an energized inductor (i.e. a coil of wire with a current flowing through it).

(3) Energy can be concentrated as a Gravity field between two massive bodies such between a planet and its star.

(4) Energy can be concentrated as a mass, which is a dense collection of Dipole Particles.  

(5) Energy can be concentrate as an Electromagnetic wave packet with its Electrical polarization wave and its Magnetic polarization wave being at 90deg offset, which is seen in the photon.

(6) Energy can be concentrated as stored Spring Potential Energy in a metal spring where the field forces produce an attraction between the shared electrons of the metal lattice and the extended nuclei of the atoms of the metal lattice.  In a compressed spring, the repulsive electric fields between nuclei provides the restoring force of extension.  In both cases it is the ordering of the Dipole Sea associated with the attractive or repulsive Electric fields where the stored energy of extension or contraction lies.

ii) Energy is located in the order of particles and force.

(1) Particles can be ordered in any energetically possible pattern.  Some patterns of organizations are stable and self-organizing; others require high amounts of energy to create.  Some patterns are unavailable because of quantum prohibitions.

(2) Force must be applied to DPs to move them into position either magnetically (magnetic pole orientation), and/or electrically (charge concentration), in order to create an energetic entity.

(3) The position-ordering of the Dipole Particles in the resting state resembles the packing of ions in a sodium chloride crystal.  This state has a perfect plus-minus charge ordering, thus there is an order that is stable in all directions, to infinity.  But, if any defect were introduced into this order, by moving a plus or minus charge out of position, that would require force and hence work (energy) to move the charge.  This would in turn produce local order around that displaced charge.  Thus the “ground state” should be considered to be the state of maximum “disorder” (even though it looks extremely perfect in its order).  And the volume to which energy has been applied, and the perfect crystalline pattern of the resting DP Sea has been broken, should be called “order”.  

(a) Thus, the energetic “ground state” is the resting Dipole Sea.  And any disturbance of the ground state order requires the input of energy.  Thus energy creates a

(b) This question of “order” vs. “disorder” is confusing because on one hand the energetic package, such as mass, is obviously ordered.  

(c) And, the ground state with its perfect crystalline DP alignment is clearly ordered.  

(d) The resolution of this paradox comes by recognizing that the perfect “order” of the ground state is actually a state of total “disorder” from the perspective of energy storage.  In other words, there is no energy stored in the “ground state”.   

(i) Many Physics Dissidents theoretical writers and New Age Scientists have referred to a concept they call the “zero point” energy.  This concept probably arose because of Dirac’s hypothesis of the positron, and its eventual confirmation by such experiments as pair production and annihilation.  In this view of the universe, electrons and positrons are “boiling” in and out of existence continually, and thus the assumption that space contains a huge amount of untapped energy which could solve our energy problems.  There may in fact be a large amount of energy passing through a volume of space in the current universe due to fields such as gravity and the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation.  This energy would be somewhat like a background temperature of the universe.  But, in the pre-Big Bang universe, there was no energy stored in the Dipole Sea, and thus the DP Sea Ground State should not be considered to be high energy, or “ordered” in an energetic sense.

(e) In summary, all energetic entities have an element of ordering of the Dipole Sea.

(4) Forces can be ordered such as the structure of the electromagnetic wave with its ebb and flow of intensity of E field alternating with B field.

iii) Energy is held in space by the ordering of Electrical and Magnetic poles of a volume of DPs.

(1) Magnetic Energy is stored by the ordering of the magnetic poles of the DPs in a volume.  In the ground state, the magnetic poles of the DPs are pointed in a perfectly random distribution of directions.  

(a) When even a single magnetic DP pole aligns with another, magnetic energy has been stored in that volume.  

(b) There is a continuing effort by all the other magnetic poles of the Dipole Sea to disalign the ordering of the magnetic Dipole alignment.  Thus, if the magnetic poles are to maintain themselves in a stable alignment, that magnetic alignment must be kept in place by an energy barrier such as in a unpaired electron orbital and/or crystalline magnetic domains as seen in iron permanent magnets.

(c) If the magnetic alignment cannot be maintained by those aligned particles, the energy concentrated in that space will be passed on to another set of particles in the DP Sea.  For example, if an electromagnet is energized, and then de-energized, the magnetic field produced by the current will radiate outward at the local speed of light.

(2) Electric Energy is stored in the DPs where the perfect DP crystalline packing of the + and – charges has been disturbed by the charge-polarizing presence of an E field.  

(a) This externally applied E field causes the positive charges to move and concentrate in the direction the E field is pointing.  

(i) (Note: by convention, the E field designates the direction a positive charge would move in the presence of that field.).

(b) The negative DPs move in the opposite direction and concentrate in a volume 180 opposite to the positive DP concentration along the axis of the E field.  

(3) Gravitic Energy is stored where mass has aggregated.  

(a) In the ground state, there is no concentration of mass or DPs and hence every DP pulls toward itself on every other DP with equal intensity.  Thus, no differential in gravitic pull exists anywhere in the universe in the ground state.  

(b) But, when DPs aggregate into a mass, a differential of gravitic force is formed by the vector addition of all the DPs forming the mass.  The gravitic Force vector points toward the center of mass.  

(c) Gravitic energy is stored by separating two masses.  In more common terms, lifting a mass in a gravitational field stores gravitic energy.  For example, raising a palette of cement bags to the top of a skyscraper raises the gravitational potential energy of the system.  On the DP level, the DPs comprising the cement are sending out Force Particles that are acting on the Earth, causing a force on the earth to pull it toward to cement.  And at the same time, the Earth is generating FPs each moment that direct the DPs comprising the cement, to move toward the ground.  The effect is that when the crane holding the cement palette releases its brake, the cement will begin its acceleration toward the Earth.