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Electron-DP Sea Interaction
By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

The Annihilation-Reformation Interaction of the Electron Transiting the Dipole Sea:

When the electron transits the Dipole Sea, it will collide and combine with the positron portion of the Dipole Particle (called the Positive DP).  The free transiting electron combining with the Positive DP, will shift the position of the Negative DP, and shift the position of the transiting electron.  It is this saltatory (jumping) phenomenon that produces the indeterminancy in the position of the electron.  In turn, this uncertainty in the actual position of the electron is the basis of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, the DeBroglie wavelength, Orbital Electron Cloud uncertainty.  All these phenomenon and principles ultimately lead to the hypothesis of the entire field of Quantum Mechanics.  

Again, this delocalization process occurs because the free electron polarizes the DPs in its surrounding region.  The electron combines with the positron of a proximate polarized DP.  The free momentum (speed and direction and associated dynamic field) of the free electron moves instantly to the position of the Negative DP, which then is free to move the next moment.  This random combination of the transiting electron produces a migratory walk along the path of the electron’s velocity vector.