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E Field Properties of the Charged Particle

By Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

The charged particle has the following Electric Field properties:

  1. It emits an E Field vector sphere each moment which expands one increment of distance at the speed of light each moment.  Thus, there are a series of E field shells created around the static charge, each one of them diminished in intensity according the inverse square of the area of the sphere.
  2. The magnitude of the force exerted by the E Field vector sphere diminishes every moment as an inverse square of the distance from the particle, i.e. 1/r².

· r = the distance traveled from the charged particle.

  1. The E Field vector sphere exerts a radial force on other charged particles when the E field reaches their position.

· The force exerted on the charged particle is attractive if the field interacts with a charge of the opposite polarity.

· The force is repulsive if the field interacts with a charge of the same polarity.

  1. The charged particle has an E field polarity of plus (+) from a positron and minus (-) from an electron.  
  2. Each charged particle emits a new E field each moment.  This is a property inherent to the nature of the charged particle.  The charged particle never depletes its supply of E Field emissions, nor does this add to the total amount of energy available in the universe.  Rather, the energy of the universe is dependent upon this constant emission of fields in order to create the potential energy of attraction of fields, and the dynamic fields (i.e. generated by relative motion) associated with kinetic energy.
  3. The emission of the E field each moment is a projection of command or Word from the consciousness/spirit of each particle.