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E Field (Shell Concept)
by: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND
Last Edit: 2/28/2009

The E field is the shorthand name for the “Electric Field”, which is the command-force which causes the positive and negative Dipole Particles to move an appropriate amount in response to the presence of the command.  The units of the E field are Volts/meter in the macroscopic world of laboratory measurements.  The E amount of movement produced by the presence of the Field Shell is dependent upon its strength.  And, the strength of the Field Shell is dependent upon the distance from the source of the Dipole emanating the Field Shell.   

 On the microscopic level, the Dipole Particles are the elements which generate the E field by its Moment by Moment radiations from every positive and negative DP.  These radiations are a Field Shell of “thought command” emitted from each DP.  The Field Shell is a spherical shell of a uniform thickness, whose electrical and magnetic properties are dependent upon the the type and state of the Dipole Particle from which it generates.  The positive polarity E field thought command directs other positive DPs to move away, and negative DPs to move closer, and vice versa for the negative E Field.  

 This connected spherical shell of thought propagates at the speed of light outward through the Grid Points (The Matrix), radiating from the point of generation to infinity.  The Matrix Grid Points act as the elemental metric of distance (the infinitesimal).  The Moment is the metric of time for a cycle of perception by each Dipole Particle.  

 During the period of a Moment several processes occur:

  1. Each DP in the entire universe simultaneously radiates out a Shell of Force that travels a distance in each direction appropriate for the local speed of light along that vector.  
  2. Every DP along that increment of distance perceives the presence of all the E/M/G fields that have passed it during that increment of time.  
  3. The DP processes the distance it should move in response to the vector sum of all these fields.  
  4. Every DP moves to a new point.   

 The magnetic permeability and electric permittivity in each incremental volume of space govern how many Grid Points the thought shell will travel radially at each Moment.  The equation c= 1/√με indicates that the local values of the permittivity and permeability of space either dictate or are closely related to the processes that determine the speed of light.  

 The speed of light has an absolute value related to the permeability and permittivity of each increment of local space.  If a particle is moving as it emits the shell of force, the velocity of the particle will add to the component of velocity perpendicular to the radial speed of light.  Examining the speed of light and the components of its total vector velocity we see the following phenomena:

The permeability and permittivity of space determine the local absolute speed of light.  The permeability and permittivity are related to the concentration of E/M/G fields in a given incremental volume of space.  The actual values of the permeability and permittivity of space are calculated by the Matrix Grid Points.  The changes in permeability and permittivity of space due to the change in field density in an increment of space, produce the time dilation effects of Special Relativity.  The effect of gravity on the permeability and permittivity of a local volume of space produces the effects of General and Special Relativity.  The Inverse Square Law reduction of force with distance from a point source is mediated by the stretching of the total spherical area of the original force sphere.