The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Dynamic Magnetic Fields
By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

a) Moving a magnetic pole (e.g. the north pole of a magnet) past a stationary charge (e.g. the electrons in a wire) obviously produces a changing magnetic field.  In turn, the changing magnetic field induces an E field in the DPs constituting that space.  The E field causes the charge to move in the direction of the E field.

b) A moving electric charge likewise produces a changing B field at any chosen point since the E field builds up as the charge approaches, and the E field dies down as the charge recedes past that point.  The increasing E field translates into an increasing B field, and as it recedes, the E field diminishes, as does the B field.

c) A magnetic field has energy stored in the alignment of the DPs.  When the force holding the magnetic poles in alignment is removed, the Magnetic poles will rotate, thus producing a changing B Field.  

d) FPs carry the equivalent of a moving magnetic field through space when they have a velocity relative to the Matrix that is perpendicular to the radial velocity of the speed of light.  That velocity will be information that will be received by each succeeding DP, and in turn create a magnetic force proportional to that velocity.