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The Dipole Sea Hypothesis

By Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

The Dipole Sea Hypothesis allows for the superimposition of multiple electromagnetic waves, and answers many of the fundamental problems of physics.  The hypothesized Dipole Sea fills all of space with densely packed, annihilated, electron-positron pairs.  While this theory is not overtly embraced as a foundational physical reality by the educational and theoretical physics establishment.  Nevertheless, one need do little literature search in the phenomenon of pair production (electron positron production from gamma rays passing close to a nucleus) before seeing the evidence for the existence of the Dipole Sea.

The Dipoles respond to an electromagnetic wave by polarizing.  For example, if an Electrical Field (E Field) from an electron passed through a space filled with electron-positron pairs, then the negative E Field of the electron would attract the positron and repel the electron.  Thus, an intra-DP distance would open up in response to the force.  If the E Field was removed, the intra-DP distance would collapse.

The DPs are obviously influenced by the E Field from the electron, but the influence is reciprocal.  The DPs, by their polarization, influence the passage of the E Field.  The polarization of the DPs decreases the springiness of the DP.  In other words, a DP once polarized will have less intra-DP attraction, which will affect the way that it re-transmits the wave.  There are two parameters of space, the Electrical Permittivity (å), and Magnetic Permeability (ì), which are seen to be the parameters which govern the local speed of light in any space.  The famous equation developed by Einstein which represents this relationship is: c= 1/√ìå.  

This concept of the DPs holding the stress of the *** measure of stress on the DP Sea may be related to the elemental unit of field.   (note the concept of a quantized diminishment of the intensity of field has not been considered in conventional quantum mechanics).  The elemental unit of field diminishment at each moment may be related to Planck’s constant.  This in turn confronts the concept of the inverse square law, the rate of diminishment of the E & B field intensity as it radiates out spherically.  And, this concept in turn confronts the problem of how space computes the diminished intensity.  

Conventional physics theory uses the concept of photon production by the electron to explain the inverse square law.  But, as seen below, there are many questions that remain unanswered and do not integrate into a larger more cohesive explanation of physical effects.  Thus, we will consider an alternative method of field generation by the electron.