The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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To the uninitiated physics student, the postulate of space filled with conscious particles that mediate the passage of light might seem to be unnecessary speculation about a level of life which cannot be observed.  Thus, we shall spend a moment examining some of the problems with conventional physics.  1) The concept of time is ubiquitous in our experience of life as the medium that allows change.  But, physics theory has no explanation to define or describe the essence, origin, or substrate that creates time.  2) Space is likewise the stage upon which we act out all of our life drama, but physics theory has no explanation to define the nature of space.  3) Force is a perceivable phenomenon, but its actual mechanism is unknown.  4) Energy is a computed entity, an term given meaning by integrating the effect of force over distance and time, but again, its fundamental nature is unknown.  5) Mass is the most common experience of the human perception, but it falls into the category the indefinable at its fundamental level.  

Various theories have been advanced to describe how mass & photonic/wave energy behave in space and time as well as its response to force and its relationship to energy.  Mathematics, the language of physics, describes well the precise relationship between these various entities.  But still, the fundamental nature of these elemental properties of the physical world are mysterious.

The characterization of these elemental blocks by conventional physics is descriptive, but does not give insight into their fundamental nature.  Thus, conventional physics cannot illuminate the presence of God’s hand in the creation because the question is not even being asked.  Conventional physics is looking for only an explanation of, “What happened” in terms of observable objects and forces.  The actual origin of those objects and forces cannot be revealed by this method of pursuit.***

Thus, because of the deficiencies in conventional theory, we have attempted to create a theory which provided a theoretical understructure and rules of communication which would define all physical phenomena as a subset of those structures and rules of communication.  To this end, we have presented the postulate of the conscious particle and its ability to speak “words” in the form of the Electromagnetic fields.  The conscious particle conveys information, perceives that information, and responds to it lawfully.  

The thesis of the conscious particle is the seminal and central concept of The Theory of Absolutes.  The theory follows Occam’s Razor in its foundational simplicity; it presents a construct of the elemental understructure of that allows the universe to be understood as the interaction of only two types of conscious particles (the electron and positron).  

These two particle types follow rules for speaking, listening, processing, and responding.  The rules are sufficiently simple to allow thoughtful comprehension, and complex enough to allow the manifestation of the entire spectrum of physical phenomenon.  The Theory of Absolutes provides a common sense, cause and effect billiard ball pictorial theory that gives reality to the more detailed descriptive mathematical theories of conventional physics.

The human heart is driven to survive, and the heart of survival is knowing and understanding the forces operating in our environment.  The most basic knowledge which affects our survival is the understanding of the various elements and processes that govern motion in the physical universe.  

It is exactly this knowledge that we can have by mastering the concepts of the Theory of Absolutes.  By knowing the structure and processes which underlie nature, we can intervene to gain control of some of the forces which move so strongly in our lives.  Likewise, we can surrender to God’s authority those processes which are too large, distant, or energetic for us to influence effectively.