The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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The Photon

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

o The interference patterns created by the photon going through a slit, or a double slit, point toward its nature as being a wave.

o The photoelectric effect, with its threshold value for release of an electron from its bonding in a metal point toward its nature as being a particle.

o For example: the photon’s speed of transit is obviously affected by the medium.

§ Light travels at its maximum rate of speed in a vacuum.

§ In all other mediums such as air, glass, and water, light travels at a slower speed.  

o h = 6.62606876 x 10-34 joule-sec

o Note: Planck’s constant is in units of angular momentum

o Energy = Planck’s constant x frequency

o E = hí

o This equation indicates that light of any given frequency contains a certain quantum of energy per cycle.

o Note: This equation implies no limit to the infinitesimal variation in the frequency of the wave.  But, in fact, inherent to the thesis of a quantum universe comes the restriction of a frequency of the smallest fraction.  It is this frequency which corresponds to the unit dimension of the universe.  Of course, the units of seconds, meters, and kg are artifacts of arbitrary choice of human-sized units.  And, since the real unit is the Plank distance (the unit distance between two Matrix Grid Points), and the Moment (the unit of processing between two successive action-cycles in the sequence of perception, process, and action that proceeds to define the smallest unit of time).  The units of Force (electrical and magnetic) are derivative units, begin dependent on rates of change of position with time, and qualified with regard to other secondary distinctions such as charge and magnetic polarity which are dimensional variables that cause particulate position to vary with time.

o Commonly the speed of light is defined as the speed at which light travels in a vacuum.  

o But, the speed of light changes depending on the electrical (å) and magnetic (ì) properties of the space.  

o The Speed of Light is defined in terms of these two parameters as c = 1/√ìå.

o In the case of light going from air to water, the photon is going from a lower to a higher ì and å.  The photon will bend toward the higher ì and å medium.

o This phenomenon of bending light as the medium changes is known as refraction.  

o The bending of a wave as it transits from a rapidly conducting to a slowly conducting medium is seen in water, sound, and electromagnetic waves.  

o Particle models cannot explain this phenomenon, but the wave model explains it well.  This fact strongly supports the wave model of the photon, and wavelike properties exhibited by the subatomic particles such as electrons and positrons.