The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Consciousness Concepts:

The following concepts are one half of the wave particle duality theory concepts that may be implemented within the creation to transmit the messages of force.

Thought-Wave: A Thought-Wave emanates from every Particle at every Moment.  The Thought Wave then and propagates outward from the Particle to Points at the Local-Speed-of-Light-Radius.  The Thought wave is then processed by the receiving Matrix Points, and is used in the communication to other particles in telling them to accelerate.

Field-Thoughts: the transmission of the properties of a Particle at the speed of light.  The Field-Thoughts are relayed through space by the Points.  The character of the emitting particle is tagged onto the Field Thought as an identifier, along with Field Strength.   The direction of the Field-Thought is maintained by each transmission.  

Identity-Thought: The concept of each particle, “This is who I am”.  The communication of that presence, and modified appropriately by factors such as distance, produces acceleration by other Charged Particles:

Charged Particle: Every Particle is a Charged Particle.  Charge is simply one of the properties of the Particle.  Charge is the property of Particles which attracts Particles of opposite Charge, and repels Particles of the same Charge.  The Thought Property of the Positron is positive, and the Thought Property of the electron is negative.  The Thought Property is simply a command, or information about its nature, its type, which is simply a reflection of the rule-set it is following.  In the case of the electron it follows the rule-set of being a negative charge, which means that it will transmit a Field which has a property of a Negative Field.  That Negative Field is transmitted out from the Particle at the local speed of light, and transits one Spherical Shell Thickness per Moment (the Shell Thickness is dependent upon the local speed of light, which is determined based on the magnitude of the Field Density in that space).  The wave transits away from the Charged Particle and modifiers reduce the effect of that Charged Particle with distance from its origin.  Thus, the Inverse Square Law is executed on the Wave by a Simple Program computation by every Matrix Point which acts as an intermediary in the conduction of the EM wave.   Thus, Charge is a name given to type of Identity-Thought (or, Thought Wave) being conducted away from a Charged Particle.  In the process of Field Summation, the Points add and subtract the Fields which arrive at their location every Moment.  It is process of vector addition, and the magnitude of a negative Field would be considered to add in an opposite direction to that of the positive Field.  The summary Field will then act on the recipient Charged Particle, which will then move based on the Type, Intensity, and Direction of the Field.  The Charged Particle itself never makes direct contact with any other particle.  Thus, Charge is simply the name given to the property of a Charged Particle, which when communicated to other Charged Particles causes them to move by command/agreement/rule toward or away from the Charged Particle originating the Positive or Negative Thought-Wave.

Space: the property of distance established by the coordinated efforts of the Matrix Points, and the Field Density of the Local Space, which determines the speed of light, which in turn determines the measure of distance per time.  The concept of space is meaningless without something to measure it.  Without the measure and limits, in terms of communication, of the Local Speed of Light, the concept of space would be meaningless because all thoughts/ Fields/ Forces would be transmitted to every point in the universe simultaneously and instantly.  The concept of a limit or intermediate point would be useless and irrelevant to the actual function of the universe as it processed and transmitted Forces from one particle to another.  The space between Matrix Points is a space that can be occupied by Particles.  It is empty, void of any substance until a Particle enters that space.  That empty space between two Matrix Points is essentially infinite, in that the entire universe of all Particles could be superimposed into that space, and in fact probably was in the Beginning, at the time of the Big Bang.

Rule-Set: The Particles & Points are points of spirit consciousness.  They have the potential of God-like power, to do anything that they want to do.  But, the Particles and Points function within the parameters and boundaries of action.  They have been programmed by God to do only the specific tasks required of them to create a specific set of effects.  In other words, the mind of the Points and Particle has been channeled to create a particular outcome based on a set of rules that we shall also call the “Simple Program” (see “A New Kind of Science”, by Stephen Wolfram).  This Rule-Set is in effect the equation which dictates the response of the Point & Particle to a specific type of stimuli.  As shown in the book, A New Kind of Science, it is possible that extremely complex phenomenon can be executed/manifested by simply the use of simple, linear, rule-based programs.  It is this Set of Rules that defines the Rule-Set of the Points and Particles that underlie all of the complex phenomenon that are seen in the physical universe.

Spirit: Spirit is the essence of God, and it is His Spirit that is the basis for the creation.  Spirit has the capability of awareness of the existence and thoughts of other spirits.  Spirit lives in the realm of the nothingness, and the nothingness is unknowable, without origin, and profoundly mysterious.  The Nothingness is the other half of God, but its origin, and the substance of the nothing is as mysterious as is the existence of spirit/God.  The existence of God, as a conscious, organizing and originating force/personality in the universe is the foundation of the creation and the universal passion play.

Soul: The character exhibited by Spirit is the soul.  The spirit provides the fundamental capability for awareness and existence, it is the patterns or rules of behavior which comprise the soul.  The group or composite soul is the collage of spirit behaviors which arise as a composite to form an over-soul or over-spirit.  The soul is the group spirit which arises as a unique manifestation of that particular conformation of spirit particles.