The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Matter is conventionally seen as the inanimate substrate of the physical world that interacts without any awareness or processing capability.  But, we see in the Theory of Absolutes that a rational explanation for all the physical phenomena of the natural world can be produced by particles interacting via a thought-communication.  The transmitting particles must send out a thought message at every moment.  And, the recipient particles must process the message and respond according to a set of internal rules.  The resultant motion of the recipient particle is interpreted as , causing them to act as though forces were forcing them to move toward or away from different particles.  

The “inanimate matter” conception of the universe is flawed and hopelessly inadequate to explain the reality of action at a distance phenomenon such as: static electricity attracting hair, the repulsive and attractive forces felt between two magnets, and the force of gravity.  Even in the common billiard ball collision, the two balls do not actually touch when transmitting momentum from one ball to the next.  Rather, the electron clouds surrounding the atoms of the billiard balls repel each other by an electrostatic force.  The concept of matter transmitting force via a consciousness-based communication provides an intuitively satisfying explanation to the phenomenon of force, which is inherently action-at-a-distance.