The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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The Behavior of Charged Particles
after the Big Bang

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

Possibly the universe originated with a near-infinite number of conscious particles occupying a single point.  The collection of all the mass in the universe in a single point may have created a giant black hole.  Or, it may have caused the release of huge amounts of EM radiation which would have pushed the universe out as matter and antimatter combined.  If the gravitational force associated with that many particles in such a small space would have prevented the mass from expanding, then the particles would have needed a different rule-set during the time of the expansion.  This could have been done by suspending or weakening gravity; and the same effect could have been produced by giving every particle a repulsive charge.  Once the particles were sufficiently far away, God could have changed the rule-set back to the current force-distance relationship.  This would have then allowed condensation of the particles into ordinary matter with electrons, protons, neutrons, and atoms.  The Biblical six days of creation could have been literal earth days, in terms of the number of “moments” that pass in an earth day.  But, for the history of the earth and universe to have aged so much in such a short time, the speed of light would have to be modified by God to be much much faster.  Under conventional physics law, the speed of light would have been much slower during the time when the universe was denser.  Thus, if the universe actually did age quickly, then it would have only been by divine decree.  And, if the Big Bang theory is correct, then God had to change the laws of physics to be able to produce the hyperinflation stage of the Big Bang.  The bottom line is that matter is of a similar nature to God (pure consciousness) at its most fundamental, elemental, ultimately small and indivisible level, God directed the conscious points to manifest the world as He desired and designed it.