The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Again, one of the most central themes of quantum mechanics is the phenomenon of the imprecise localization of a particle.  This “jumping around” of a particle can be rationalized the inherent instability associated with the location of the Central negative or positive DP.  The Central DP can at any moment associate closely enough with one of the opposite polarity DPs in the mass to fall back into a bonded state that leaves the charged mass particle without a focal central DP.

Since the other DPs of similar polarity have been pushed to the outer edges of the particle, the result is that the reformation of order around the newly chosen Central DP will result in the effective displacement of the mass in a manner that is distributed over space based upon the energetic content, and patterns within the mass and its Kinetic Energy.  The end result is a distribution of probabilities of location based upon the context of the energetic/force environment in which the particle exists.  Thus, we see the electron having a probability of presence in the electron orbital dependent upon the orbital energy levels, and whether or not the other orbitals are filled.