The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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The distinction between Body, Soul, and Spirit: The body has three layers of substance and consciousness.  Each layer has its own purpose and specialization in terms of structure, signal detection, information processing, and action.

o The Physical Body:  Nerve receptor cells receive energetic collisions from the physical world and convert that impact into electronic-nervous system codes that carry information of various types for perception by the human consciousness.  The brain processes many types of signals in many ways and combinations, and presents those signals to the soul for further evaluation.  The spirit is the location of real life and conscious awareness.  The spirit perceives the processed information and perceptions of the soul and mediates the information from earth with the directives of its spiritual vision.  The energies and their respective senses include: light as sight, sound as hearing, molecular vapors as smell, dissolved molecules as taste, and bulk mass as touch.  The nervous system processes these signals and presents them to the higher nerve centers of the brain, which are then perceived by soul, and ultimately displayed and perceived by the human consciousness.

o The Soul: The layer of subtle physicality which forms as a result of the configuration of the physical substance comprising the body.  The soul transforms the signals of the nervous system and forms a soul-level analogue of the molecular configuration of the body.  The soul passes the information perceived by the body onto the spirit for cognition of awareness.

o The Spirit: This layer was created by God as a unique point of consciousness as an eternally existent point of observation and accountability.  This layer perceives the signals and information from the soul, and responds in turn by directing the soul and body.  Thus, a response coming from the level of spirit, and to a lesser extent the soul, can have a profound effect; even to the point of creating effects that are actually miraculous.

o 1) the sense organs

o 2) the cognitive processes of the conscious mind

o 3) the subconscious mind

o 4) the emotional reactions and memory associations triggered by the lower body-plexus nerve centers