The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Basic Principles of the Theory
by Thomas Lee Abshier, ND
Last edited: 3/2/2009

We shall examine the particles in the two layers:

o μ is the magnetic permeability and the space (units = inductance/m)

o ε is the electrical permittivity of space (units = capacitance/meter)

Both of these are stiff parameters which are not greatly modified until heavily stressed by a high EM field in that space.  At distances close to the nucleus, and at high velocity (near light speed), the fields are high enough so that the conductive properties of space are strongly modified.  

The above thesis assumes that EM fields transit space with a moment-to-moment absorption and re-emission cycle.  The electrical and magnetic fields trading energy between them.  The distance between DPs is dependent upon the standard of distance provided by the Grid Points.