The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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B field (Shell Concept – rejected): The Magnetic Field.  The units of the B field are Volt-Amps/meter.  The B field pushes or pulls charges in a direction 90 from the movement of a charged particle.  The B field pulls other magnetically polarized particles to come into alignment with its magnetic orientation.  Charged particles, (positive and negative DPs) generate a radial B field emanating spherically from each DP.  Particles of mass are composed of DPs, and thus reflect the summation of the magnetic fields of all the DPs composing a particle of mass (such as an electron, positron, proton, neutron, pion, etc.)  The Matrix generates a directional B field in response to the movement of charge and in response to a changing E field (dE/dt).  The magnetic field is generated as an inherent property radiating from positive and negative DPs.  The B field is a thought-command generated by the conscious particles, just like the E field and Gravity Field.

Spin: (The Inherent Particle Magnetic Field): The inherent field of the Dipole Particles is conceptualized as a “Spin”.  There is no actual spinning particle generating this B field; it arises as an inherent property of the positive and negative Dipole Particles and radiates as a solid spherical shell from the Charged Particle at every Moment.  The force vector direction of the B field is unique for every angle from the particle’s North to South Pole.  A few of the important directional points along a circle extending from the North Pole to the South pole of the DP include:

1) At the North Pole, the B field vector points upward.  

2) At 45 the B field vector points horizontal outward.  

3) At the Equator, the B field points downward.  

4) At - 45 the B field vector points horizontal inward.  

5) At the South Pole the B field vector again points Vertical.  

The particle thus radiates both an E and B fields from the central source point.  

Field: Fields are thoughts that travel through space and give instructions to tell other particles to move.  Because the effect of a field is to cause movement, they are called “force fields”.  All fields travel a distance every moment equivalent to the local speed of light.  There is actually no force generated by the field, nothing actually pushes another particle and causes it to move.  All particles are conscious, and capable of perception, processing, response, and projection.   Thus, the receipt of the “thought” or “instruction” from another particle is processed in terms of its type, magnitude, and direction.  The receiving particle then voluntarily moves a distance according to the sum of the magnitude, direction, and type of all fields acting on it at that moment.  The Field can be electric, magnetic, or gravitic.  All fields project out from the Charged Particle, or generate from the Matrix at each Moment.  All fields always travel at the local speed of light; in other words, they can never travel either faster or slower than the local speed of light.  The fields from a DP radiate spherically.  Once generated, all fields travel to infinity without modification.  If a field is absorbed, its net magnitude will drop to zero, but this is only because a superimposed opposing field has been generated that travels with it and cancels its effect.  The fields generated by the Matrix do so in response a changing E field or changing B field.  The source of a changing field may be a moving particle, or a Matrix point responding to a changing field.  The strength of a radially generated field diminishes in a manner inversely proportional to the area of its projection, thus the inverse square law: amplitude = 1/r².  The strength of a packet of field projected from a source does not diminish; thus a photon with its E and B field crossed perpendicular to its velocity maintains its energetic amplitude to infinity unless absorbed.

Field Shell: (The increment of field travel per moment): The Spherical projection of the “thought wave” from the Particle.  The Field Shell expands at a rate dependent upon the Local Speed of Light.  A new pulse of EM (Electrical and Magnetic) field is radiated out every moment.  The field shell thickness is the distance the Shell moves, at the local speed of light, in one moment.  If the source-particle moves, then the next shell generated at the next moment will radiate from the new position.  The shell will of course be thicker when in a medium with a faster speed of light where more Matrix points can be passed at each moment.  Thus, the shell thickness will vary as it transits through space and encounters environments with varying degrees of electrical and magnetic conductivity.  The field is absorbed and reemitted by each successive increment of the shell.  The responsiveness of the Dipole Sea and Matrix to electrical and magnetic polarization and depolarization determines the rate of travel of the Electrical and Magnetic fields through space.

Force (Shell concept): Fields deliver forces.  Fields are shells of thoughts containing instructions.  The thoughts are given to particles   , to which they move in accord with.  Force applied continually to a moveable mass causes an accumulation of kinetic energy and acceleration.  Force applied to an immovable object causes an increase in the potential energy stored in the bonds of the restraining body.     Forces come in 3 types: 1) E (electric) Fields, 2) B (magnetic) Fields, and 3) G (gravitic) Fields.  Fields are the messages given by particles, to other particles.  There is no actual contact between particles that causes movement or acceleration.  Rather, Fields are emitted from charged particles (, advance at the local speed of light, arrive at the space occupied by a particle, the particle by its own volition, obeying the embedded rules inside it, accelerates at a certain rate dependent upon the mu and epsilon conditions of the space it occupies.  Fields create a Force which accelerates a mass by the relationship F = ma.

Oncoming Mass/Target Mass: When the reference frame is defined as coincident with the location of the Target Mass, any mass which approaches and collides with it is the Oncoming Mass.

Inertia: the property of mass which is able to maintain a velocity, and resist changes in that velocity.  Inertia is the fundamental property of mass which is manifested in the phenomenon of Force, Energy, and Momentum.  For example: It requires force to overcome inertia, as seen in the relationship, F = ma.   The Kinetic Energy of a mass can be quantified by the relationship, KE = ½ mv2.  The momentum of the mass can be quantified as p = mv.  In each of these cases, mass has a relationship with force, velocity, and changing velocity.  The physical phenomena underlying the effect of storing energy as kinetic energy, force creating acceleration, and a mass with velocity having inertia is elaborated in The Theory of Absolutes as being effects arising from the Dipole Particles composing the mass creating reactive fields as a result of their change in magnitude due to their motion through space.  Inertia and Kinetic Energy are closely related as concepts, in that Kinetic Energy must be supplied to a mass, which takes force applied over a time, which in turn produces movement due to the imbalance in force and the production of net displacement in a moment.  All or part of the energy stored around a moving charge as dynamic magnetic field is extracted when force is applied opposing the velocity of the charge.  When the charged mass collides with a target mass, energy stored in the magnetic field is released in the direction of deceleration, and creates an E field which creates a force acting upon the particles of the target mass.

Inertial Magnetic Field/Absolute Magnetic Field: The Magnetic Field associated with the Absolute Velocity of the constituent Charged Particles.  Every Charged Particle which has a velocity in the Absolute Frame (the Matrix), will create a Magnetic Field due to the movement of the particle and the changing E field the movement creates.  The Inertial Magnetic Field will be held and transmitted by the Matrix Points.  It is called the Inertial Magnetic Field because it is this field which gives mass the property of inertia.  

Inertial E Field: When the Inertial Magnetic field collapses, it creates an E field which produces the force that causes the movement of a mass after collision.  

Sensible Magnetic Field: When a charged particle is not bound with its polar opposite charge in equal numbers, so that there is a net negative or positive charge

Quantum Force: The force associated with the non-allowed states of energy.  The first and most commonly recognized quantum force is the force associated with the electron orbitals, and the occupation of each electron in allowed angular momentum states.  The question of Force is a bit peculiar since the electron is not allowed to enter the nucleus and bond unless it has enough energy, force, momentum.  This force is a reactive spring.  It does not supply energy, as in acceleration, it simply resists being overcome to a point.  When it is overcome, the particles then engage in a deeper reaction.  The Neutron Star has a Quantum Force associated with it that prevents the collapse of the Neutron star.  But eventually the Quantum Force is overcome by the gravity of the neutron star, at which point the neutron star collapses and becomes a Black Hole.

EB Sigma or G Factor: The Summation (Sigma) of all the absolute magnitudes of all the E & B Fields in a Space.  The EB Sigma/G Factor is the summation number that is used by the Matrix to compute the Mu and Epsilon of space, The G Field (gravitational Force), and the Local Speed of light.