The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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The essence, and definition, of quantum mechanics is that space can only hold certain configurations of energy.  When the position of a particle changes, it is in a new energetic environment, as a result, the location of the “extra” positive or negative DP will change.  This location change could occur each moment.  

Other forces act upon the space to cause the Central DP to move in a random manner.  The random fluctuation of the background energy of the universe will cause the location of the extra positive or negative DP to change position even if it does not have a kinetic energy relative to its environment.

The phenomenon of tunneling, Uncertainty, and the probabilistic wavelike distribution of the particle over a volume are all based upon the inherent instability of the actual position of the particle’s central point of crystallization.  The particle will move in a manner consistent with its kinetic energy because the particle’s mass and Kinetic E&B fields have an interaction that stabilizes its track within the probabilistic bounds of Uncertainty.