The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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To God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit; without whose divine inspiration and insights and revelations, none of this would have been possible.


My Mother: Barbara Lee Abshier: who encouraged me to be a scientist, inventor, and a Godly young man.

My Father: T. J. Abshier (Thomas John Abshier): who always knew that I could do anything, and encouraged me to do it.

My loving Wife: Margo Diann Abshier: who endured countless revisions of the Theory, who listened to my attempts at explaining abstract concepts, who inspired me with her own unique insight about the nature of the universe, and who continued to demand that the theory conform to pattern and spirit of the Holy Bible.

Dr. Paul Laviolette, Ph.D.: for mentoring me and bringing me into his confidence, and teaching me his Theory of Sub Quantum Kinetics.  It was his theory, which was present in my mind when I was awakened to the possibility of the Theory of Absolutes as I saw it in its most primitive initial vision/hologram.

Dr. Gary Dreger, ND for being a lifelong friend, roommate, fellow searcher of truth, confidant, and unflagging source of encouragement.  He requested that I give a speech in Minneapolis, MN, at his clinic, The Minnesota Naturopathic Clinic on any subject of my choosing.  It was from this request that the seed theory arose in March of 1987 as I prepared to give a speech called, “Health and the Soul”.  From this initial insight I was able to understand the truth of my childhood spiritual upbringing that Jesus was indeed Lord of the Universe.  It took 25 years of wandering in the wilderness of ideological confusion to understand how the Bible was consistent with a universe that made sense from the perspective of physics, moral requirements of the Bible, and how God’s universe provided meaning, purpose, and satisfaction.

Steven J. Smith: for mentoring me in his theory of Electrogravitics, the Dipole/Dirac Sea, Free Energy extraction from ambient heat, and Einsteinian Physics.  He provided me with an endless stream of new perspectives on particle physics, Native American spirituality, Economics, and Political Conspiracies.  His mastery of technology and his ability to explain the operation and physical principles behind the engineering criteria for the way things work was beyond compare.  His acknowledgment of my writing skill inspired me to continue the work of documenting my theory.  His influence with his employer in obtaining a job as a technical writer led me into a circumstance where I was able to begin my practice as a Naturopathic Physician.  

Rod Nave, Ph.D.:, University of Georgia, for his well-designed site, which has been a continual source of review, summary, and inspiration in the development of my physics theory.  I have attempted to create a theory which accurately reflects the experimental data, and acknowledges the brilliant utility of the current conventional physics theory.  It has been my goal to reframe current theory and propose an alternate theory to substantiate a plausible method by which God created the physical universe from a spiritual foundation.

Halliday and Resnick: for their superb presentation of physics in their 2nd  edition of their textbook of Physics.  It was from this foundation that I built my skill as an Engineer, Naval Nuclear Power student, and ultimately as a theoretical physicist.